Hey Jeff,

My take on a realised person is someone who does a realised action at the present moment. This is the Chinese definition of realisation. By that definition, we are all realised beings.

I cannot see any instance where you could not be a realised being. Whenever you go to do an action you think about It and analyse the situation before you make an action. However, we often do things subconsciously, and this is when we miss the conditioning that comes in and this conditioning greatly influences our actions.

That's why to do more and more "realised actions" you have to be paying attention at the present moment. looking at the thoughts and emotions. These are part of the conditioning coming up.

if you're conditioned to believe all people have negative intentions then you will always avoid people and opportunities. If however, you can pay close attention to the mind you can begin to see the thoughts you're having and see them as separate from the infinite being you are. Once you see the thought and see it as separate then you can change it.

this is taking mindfulness one step further. Mindfulness says to watch the thoughts and let go, this is just the start, it doesn't say however that you can change your thoughts and emotions instantly at the present moment.

This is what Tantra says. Tantra says "make yourself happier the next instant". Embedded in that statement is the implication that you can make your life better wherever you find yourself. It shows you your own power and directs your attention to the golden present.

What do you think of all this and how does it compare to other spiritual authorities you've heard out there?

looking forward to your response


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